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Heart to heart
11 December, 2014 11:06 PM

It’s hard really, to actually admit it that we couldn’t actually find someone that will actually listen to everything you say just to listen and not to judge. But it’s programmed in us to automatically give a mental judgment of a certain issue we get to know of. & when we do, those small gestures, those micro facial expressions, they just show the true meaning of what we are thinking on the matter. We can’t really hide it as much as we want to, or as much as we thought we did.

You can pretend all you want, you can say all you want, but these minor details would only give you away. The truth.

I hate it, being able to notice these stuff, and not being able to hide what I truly feel or think on such matter. I get hurt, for knowing that someone you hoped would have at least a decent response to something you thought might be the least of fuddling matter to talk to on your long list of befuddling-matters-you-wish-to-talk-about-other-than-myself.

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