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30 November, 2014 7:48 PM

I have not been well for these past few days. I actually have a minor infection. It's located on my middle finger and so it's painful to touch, and I hold things as if I'm sending subliminal message as in giving my middle finger to who ever sees it. But obviously I'm not, it's to avoid having the cream wiped off of it and to avoid the pain I'd be in when ever that happens.

& I found out I'm allergic to Cloxacillin, or perhaps any penicillin-like abx. So initially when getting meds, my eyes and lips were swollen but I stopped taking the meds immediately and went to another doctor who told me i was probably allergic to the abx.

Okay so I have been trying so hard on gaining weight lately, well not that hard to be honest, I think I've been binge eating? LOL. Not exactly, but just eat a lot. It's a really slow progress bc it's difficult for my body to gain weight but so easy for it to lose weight :( But have been successfully gained like 1kg? Pray for my success! I wanna gain weight until I reach 45kg or 50kg

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