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29 November, 2014 11:36 AM

For someone as occasionally loud, outgoing, friendly person as I am, it is kind of weird for me to be quiet. But I tend to be so from time to time. I think that everyone wants to be alone at times. So do I.

I usually get that a lot, I mean the time alone. My roommate isn't in our room most of the time so yeah.

Don't I get lonely? Yes I do, that is the whole point. It gives me time alone with Allah too. I can cry out my problems w/o worrying what my roommate would think of me. Or the probability that she might ask a lot of questions just to comfort me, whilst I just need to let things out from my head & heart. I guess I'm definitely going to get a room for 2 next semester again if I do get the privilege to stay inside campus yet again.

I have recently made new friends! A couple to be exact. & speaking about friends; It's actually good for me to talk and sometimes help my friends in need. I cherish my family & friends so much.

The reason I don't post here a lot is bc I've been posting on my private blog which I have the freedom to say such things in my head when in need of it. Though I feel as if I've abandoned that part of me, hence this post is written.

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