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Mid semester break!
07 October, 2014 8:28 AM

Oh how fun and exciting that sounds. Well not so much for me. Well then again, that is my choice. I don't wanna go back to the house with stepmom around nor do I want to go to Maklong's place. I feel uncomfortable around her new husband and I feel annoyed with my stepmom. Things aren't like how it was used to.

At least we had some quality family time together - Dad, Leha & I. We went out on weekends, both Saturday and Sunday. Went bowling, somewhat a picnic and just wandering around the mall. On Monday, I stayed in my room doing mostly nothing, despite knowing I got a couple of assignments to do. As there aren't many of us who stayed here (college) this holiday, no one was selling any food since Sunday. So on Monday, I had to go out and buy something to eat & then went back to my room, doing nothing again after eating.

Although, today is Tuesday! Why do I sound so happy? Not really that happy, but our lecturers and the staff starts working today, it's not their holiday, only the students'! So it means that there is gonna be food everywhere. Well not probably everywhere, but there's probably some in a cafe at my faculty. I usually go there for breakfast. As I will to, any time now after a long shower.

So bye!

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