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What an undoubtedly awful day
29 September, 2014 10:17 PM

It started allllll the way from the beginning of the day t 7:30am. I have 00 money and wanted to withdraw some from the ATM at my faculty, in front of the library. It says "service temporarily unavailable"! but then I found RM2 in my pockets so I managed to buy something to eat. But couldnt buy a drink, not until a friend arrives and so borrowed RM1 for a mineral water.

Then when class ends at 4pm, I wanna withdraw money from an ATM at our local Bank Islam branch, the queue here daily is unbelievable. From such a long queue and wait, before my turn finally arrives, those in front just realized the ATM we were queuing for wouldn't let anyone withdraw any amount of money!!!!!!! WHAT A WASSTEEEE OF TIME QUEUING! while actually the queue next to us get to do so! WHAAATT? HAD TO SWITCH LANES AND QUEUE AGAAAAIIIIIINNNNNN

Now I'm starving, wanna get something to eat, finally, NO, had to wait half an hour just to get my order done! I could have just bought the ready made ones which are already there and I could have just paid for it, but why do so when I know I wouldn't finish a meal I don't really wanna eat anyway? - that is even when i'm starving. I was waiting so long that I thought I wasn't hungry anymore, but later when I started eating, I ate 'em all!

Now it's around 7 so it's time to do my laundry since it's already look as if there is already too many clothes to wash, but actually there wasn't much. I usually do my laundry on Wednesday when no one else was doing theirs, or at least, not as much. So after washing my clothes with the washing machine, I put them in the dryer like I always do, with additional 40-50 minutes wait. During this period I'm in my room, but just before it's done, i went back to the dryer only to find my clothes were already taken out from it. & THEY WERE STILL WET AND DAMP  ughhh, I am so frustrated bc I had never gone through this with the same machine I use every week! Someone was there, the person who took out my clothes, I asked her were my clothes in this condition when she took them out, she said yes, knowing that, her clothes are now in the dryer as we were communicating. Doesn't that sound weird to you? I couldn't of believe myself that someone would do such a thing, that thing is that taking out my clothes before my time ends and putting their own. the dryer doesnt have an automated locked mechanism bc it allows users to open it while still running, as a pause to check on the clothes or so. Oh man I took her words at the time but i was in doubt nevertheless. But i keep on saying "she couldn't have done such a thing".
I don't know if she really did what i'm saying she did, but all the points led to her. My clothes were already cold, maybe bc of the weather itself but i was there before the machine was suppose to stop running! Why does it smell as if I left it there while it was damp in a long period of time? Why did she made some kind of expression and then just left like that after i asked her about my clothes? Why woudln't a tissue of mine inside the laundry got dry, in fact none of my clothes were dry whilst even my jeans were dried using the same dryer before under the same weather? && why would she use the same dryer if she knew it doesn't work as much to mine as her clothes were a lot more than mine?????
But then again, the dryer might be faulty too, and miraculously get fixed when drying her clothes instead right? YEAH MAY BE. I couldn't be forever sad today as it was a shitty day for me. I had to pick up my laundry just to end up drying them by hand and air dry them. I wanna save the coins I had for next week's laundry bc the machines only accepts old version of 50c and 20c coins, the dryer only wants old 50 cents coins.
All I need now is my clothes not to be stolen

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