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Not smiling the way I used to
21 September, 2014 8:34 AM

So I'm noticing something about myself for the past few weeks, or perhaps months, I've been smiling w/o showing my teeth more frequently than with.

I suppose it has something to do with such things that had happened and I dislike seeing myself looking too happy.

So smiling without showng my teeth isn't showing i'm too happy nor does it shows i'm sad (obviously). Another reason is probably bc of my fugly teeth but that never seemed to bother me before.

I'm actually blogging from a classroom where this group activity was supposed to be held. Where I'm the only one who is punctual, not even the facilitator who was supposed to be here by now.

My name wasn't listed again, tidious work it has been the last time and will be again this time! I better search for other ppl now. Kbye

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