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Importance of accreditation
19 September, 2014 5:22 PM

I love visiting blogs, and what I love is their content as well as their layout/skin. What saddens me is when I check out the credits to see who made that certain lovely skin, it was removed. I meant the credits were removed. How sad is that?

Most people as I was once must of thought what is this thingy doing here, I mean you must of not known how and why someone in particular who made such a thing, anything in this case, showcases their initials or links or watermark or such related as accreditation of their work. Well now let me explain it, to simply put this into words : It's to indicate who made something
Well now you might ask, "So then why the links? Why can't they just put their names without them?", It's simple, they wanna share what they made for others by linking their site so they can visit them from you! You might have gotten it from somewhere, be thankful for that, now somebody else might want a similar thing (i understand you might not want something similar to others, but others might as well take something else (ie some other design) from the one who made that stuff) so this leads them to the right path or whatnot.
That's not only it, as someone who also creates/produces/coded something that makes it available for other users, it's a pride we carry along. Now when you erase that, while actually using the product/skin(and whatnot) it's not only disrespectful for us, but also called ripping, it's as if you are entitling that you made that, without the consent of the actual maker.

Now let's say you own something, letting everyone else the privilege to use/wear it, but then they call it theirs instead so they get the credits, would you be mad? Saddened? Some won't, some definitely will. So be considerate! Leave the credits as they be :)

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