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Expressive thoughts
19 January, 2015 9:05 AM

Thank you for still visiting this blog even when it's barely active. Some link exchange is still going on so yeah thank you :)

 I've been pondering on the days when I felt like I have lost my smile, but fortunately I still do. I'm often reminded how good life is for me compared to those who actually really have to strive for their lives in Syria for instance.

I'm still being a lot like myself, my cheerful self. I smile, yet quite less lately, but I do smile sincerely. I talk a lot to people, hang on to my family and friends, but at times.... I question myself. We all do. We all, at a point in our lives, question ourselves, whether or not what we usually do every single day in which we thought was the right thing to do, is in fact the right thing to do.

That doubt immerses somehow out of you. Makes you question yourself, doubt yourself.

I am perhaps a very friendly person, I am talkative most of the time, I care so much for my friends (other than my family of course), and sometimes I question myself should I not do so?

Series of events led me to doubt myself, for a period of time, I did, Perhaps now, I'm not. I now believe in my decisions, of being myself, like I have always been, is good for me. I'm content of disregarding the negative thoughts or vibes or anything that comes with it. I'm going to live my life as I used to, and probably better.

I went through a lot worse than this, & so I can go through with this. Perhaps I doubted myself because it worries and saddens me to have to go through what i might have already experienced back then.

In deed, I'm thankful for great friends who stick with me through thick and thin. :)

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