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When you know you need to write
03 September, 2014 8:18 AM

No, nothing much had happened. Just kidding! Even for a minute everything can change and a billion things can happen, which did. Although I'm not here to talk about that but instead I'm here writing because I know I need to.

I'm not a loud person, well I can be from time to time but that rarely happens and when it does, it will be indoors with just my family or my close friends whom I'm comfortable being annoying and loud around. I'm usually a quiet person, not that quiet but well, yes quiet. If that make any sense at all.

So when I notice I start to talk to myself quite often and that suddenly I spammed my whatsapp's group chat with long posts each time I knew I need to just talk because I - AM - JUST - SO - BORED.

I usually just wake up to do the morning prayer and get back to bed trying to sleep but I end up looking up instagram or some online shop of random stuff, mostly cosmetics, bags, and such. But not today, after my morning prayer today I went outside (of my room, not outside the house) to play with Daisy (this persian cat my younger sis just got a few months back) and waited my Dad to get ready for work and have breakfast with him just so I can talk and talk and talk with him bc I'm bored.

Okay so now let us talk about something else. Oh yes, I bought a few stuff online last week, it was supposed to arrive last week, and well it didn't. It just arrived yesterday around 5:46PM bc I called the courier - TWICE! I also contacted the online shop regarding my undelivered parcel. I was using AirPak, from tracing my parcel, they stated they tried to deliver it to me twice on last friday and saturday but both failed and said "No one available/home". Who wouldn't be agitated when you were  home all day long and if I was at fault of maybe didn't hear the door bell rang or such, then again there's the maid who is here all day long too! So to not blabber about this too much, the seller of the on9 shop contacted an officer of AirPak and got this issue resolved. I really thought I wont be getting my stuff on that day though bc it was already past 5pm.

Have you ever had this experience before? Share it with me! (yesssss i'm still kinda bored)

I think that's a bit of a wordy post. Okay a lot indefinitely! So I'll put my words on hold for the next post.

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