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This might be a typical blog for you, but a getaway for the author - me. Sometimes I feel the need to write, but I feel that it is easier to type away my thoughts and feelings to the virtual world. My posts are sometimes emotional and filled with deep thoughts.
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The reason I blog
31 May, 2014 12:30 AM

It's simple. Something happened. An event that has the value enough for me to feel the need to express myself, whether it is some sort of excitement, sadness or whatnot.

You see, I write to my blog as if I'm talking to myself, I'm not really directing my blog to my readers, but it's actually to myself. To my actually blog readers, regardless how few you are out there, don't be offended, I meant to share everything I post on this public blog with you as well, but I don't really expect a reply. Well probably because I'm just a nobody after all.

Don't worry, don't take it too negatively. Things often happen in life. Ups and Downs. Without those "Downs" there won't be any difference in Ups hence it'll just be plain boring because you don't know whether or not it's a moment you should be grateful for or not.. Of course we should cherish even those painful moments too, they are the ones making us wiser, more mature, like I suppose I am today. At least I hope so.

I'm so grateful to have a group of close friends I can rely on for support at times like this. & I'm grateful of this event because regardless of which ever or what ever happens, I know there will always be a silver lining. :)

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