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This might be a typical blog for you, but a getaway for the author - me. Sometimes I feel the need to write, but I feel that it is easier to type away my thoughts and feelings to the virtual world. My posts are sometimes emotional and filled with deep thoughts.
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11 September, 2014 9:01 PM

Have been trying to delete all my tweets on twitter, I feel as if I need a fresh start. I have been thinking to do the same with this blog but well, let us see. I did it with instagram and I'm just glad i did it.

As seen, new skin is up. A few lines of codes left out to be coded soon, some javascript for the sidebar soon (won't count on it). New semester had just started, and well I was hoping to get a room in campus but so far I failed. Still waiting for any availability, from all this hustle I'd just be staying outside (of the campus) for the rest of the semester. Well that is how I planned it so I might not know yet what's gonna happen. There's just a lot of new students this semester.

I'm getting sleepy and tired from running around campus trying to get from one place to another by bus and such, just to get a room, hence I just don't feel like posting as much, at least I replied tags and coded a new skin. Oh such an empty post with words making a post worth mostly nothing.

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Ami, 23, quiet, occasionally loud, quirky outspoken, friendly & officially off the market ;) You won't really know me just by these few words though. I blab all the time! - Well at least in my head :D I code/design during free times, or perhaps when I really got nothing to do. I'm a full time student hence explains my absence every few weeks/months. Visit my portfolio for more of my designs.