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This might be a typical blog for you, but a getaway for the author - me. Sometimes I feel the need to write, but I feel that it is easier to type away my thoughts and feelings to the virtual world. My posts are sometimes emotional and filled with deep thoughts.
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Writing on the go
12 September, 2014 11:31 PM

I've been thinking, since there haven't really been any work to do, and since there's a lot in my mind that isn't vulgar for me to share on my public blog, I'd write on the go. Where ever i may be.

Some probably prefer twitter or such. I don't think 140 characters aren't sufficient for certain thoughts. Especially that of mine.

I have this habit of telling a story from a very vague point of view, and slowly narrowing it to the main intent of it. So for short, lousy story teller/ answers given for interviews or such. Haha but at least I know i have to make it short and simple unless told otherwise.

Blogs, as i have been repeating myself for a while now, is my own friend whom reads (i suppose not listen? :p) my thoughts as i write to it. Yes? Sometimes you wanna express yourself but at the same time you also don't wanna talk. Writing is the best thing when it comes to that! I might not write on books, i have a few which i thought i'd use them for the same purpose i use this blog, but never really did.

Hm. What else? Well I had a pretty great day. I hope you did too. ��

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