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This might be a typical blog for you, but a getaway for the author - me. Sometimes I feel the need to write, but I feel that it is easier to type away my thoughts and feelings to the virtual world. My posts are sometimes emotional and filled with deep thoughts.
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A year of absence
01 February, 2017 12:03 PM

I honestly haven't completely abandon my blog, I do visit the site quite seldom yet I haven't post any entries onto it. Being the person I am, I always have a lot to say in my mind only I don't exactly have the words to say it all. I have quite a few reasonable excuses for which I wouldn't mind keeping most of it to myself and those who are very close to me. All I can say is that my privacy is at stake, or might I say, it already have been taken away. Well most part of it anyway. I'd like to remind that I'm talking about my online life here. These past few years of declining presence are of various reasons but quite a large portion of that is because of my privacy. Having a private blog won't help, & again my close friends would know why. Even my snapchat got hijacked once so.. to hell with it.

I'm posting this today just because.

I'm happy without having to express my thoughts in the cyber world. I'm surrounded by people whom I dearly love. & I'm married! 

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Ami, 23, quiet, occasionally loud, quirky outspoken, friendly & officially off the market ;) You won't really know me just by these few words though. I blab all the time! - Well at least in my head :D I code/design during free times, or perhaps when I really got nothing to do. I'm a full time student hence explains my absence every few weeks/months. Visit my portfolio for more of my designs.