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Twitter login verification
15 March, 2014 8:12 AM

Previously enabled that thing on my twitter app on my phone. It means that if someone were to login to your account regardless of their location, only with your approval may it be logged in. A message will be received by your twitter app, where a notification will pop up.

Then a few days ago I accidentally log out from it and as i recall it i didn't have it logged in at any platform. Although i have to check with the devices at home in kl.

So now as I try to login to my account on my phone (or anywhere else), i can't bc of that stupid login verification thing. It'll say the same stuff after you succeeded entering the correct username and password, "Login verification: please check your mobile twitter app to approve this login.... Bla bla bla". The thing is to disable the login verification option or to allow such login, i need to be pre-logged in. Get it?

Well I'm trying to login to it now how the hell am i gonna do so if i'm not already logged in?

So of course i contacted Twitter doing all possible methods proposed. None worked bc mostly they rely on you having logged in to your acc at least at one of your devices. After submitting a form saying you've tried everything, guess what did they say to you? They replied with an email with the exact same instructions they gave to you at the support page. WTF. They didn't even bother to read what you wrote regarding your problem.

Now in the email, they told me to reply to it when i have already tried them all (the methods proposed) so i reply to them immediately which I have no response up till now. I sent another email saying i haven't receive anything from them. Still no replies. Oh well.
What a crappy service you provide, twitter!!
I refuse to make another account because of the username desired was alrd used on the current acc which i can't log into.

So guys, i guess i won't be on twitter until further notice. Twitter, your service sucks, your service dept should just go to hell.

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