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Twitter is back
21 March, 2014 2:00 PM

So twitter finally resolved my login issue after abandoning it for almost a week or less. You can get in touch with me through there as usual now. 

I don't have much really to post. Well actually I had a few stuff going on but since it was an in deed negative post so I posted it on my private blog which only I can read LOL. I feel content typing and posting my feelings somewhere with the illusion of having expressing it to other people while in reality only to myself. Do I make any sense? Well I think I do hahahaha.

Anyway just to add some stuff to this post, some of you may not already know that Malaysian University students get to have rm250 vouchers entitled for books and stationary needed. I used it mostly on stationary since the notes and books are provided by my professors (more like their slides/notes which I consider is sufficient where they said it too themselves, besides there is always internet and pdf books for more reference), I spent the rest on food. Yes you read it right, food. 

You might question where the heck did I found a book store or a stationary store that accepts vouchers for food if they have any, well legally there are none. The vouchers were obviously only legal for books and stationary but nowadays I even see those who owns a boutique allows their products be bought by the said vouchers. Since they probably own a book store or know a person who does, so that probably helps them. ++ I don't wanna rat out which store i bought the food from but if you go around town you'll surely find those which does.

I have atleast 2 quizzes in a week so I don't really have much time to change into a new skin or post daily, as if I do even when I don't have anything to do. HAHA. So okay bye for now.

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