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Summary of the past few months
24 January, 2014 3:07 PM

So basically it was a long hiatus mode since the last post. Continuing from that post, not long after i posted it I have had my convocation at the same place where I am currently continuing my study. It's bc it is under the same Uni. So yeah photos below. Some photos where there is my boyfriend and I went out to KL and the last one is during my first few days of my semester break where he sends me off to the airport. Oh yeah I'm currently in Labuan now. Where every morning I'm greeted with love by all my family's cats and the day then starts with a few minute non stop sneezing but I still love them nonetheless. But the picture of a kitten isn't one of ours, it was actually taken at the place I'm renting where my roommates are taking care of it. Pictures of random hot chocolate since I don't drink coffee, and some cakes from Secret recipe on the last day in KL. Also my sister bought a new phone (finally), & oh that group photo with my weird face in it is when we finally finished our last paper for the semester. The top group photo is during the fabulous long queue we had to get into while waiting to get the graduation robe. I just finished a class so I was still wearing my id tag. The others got a few days off since they don't study at the same campus as where the convocation was held.

Sorry for not writing the details under each photo instead bc I'm so lazy to do so now. Looking forward to hang out with my friends here in Labuan so enjoy your holiday people (if you're in one now, if not then too bad :p)
& my results are coming out on 14th of Feb!
& also should you know I went through a lot during the last month before my finals bc of such "mistake" but then it got resolved on the final day of my examination :D

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