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27 October, 2013 5:42 PM

It has been tough on me the first month and a half back into my studies because I gotta transfer to another campus and meanwhile missing 3 weeks of class and coursework. Two weeks of struggling to finish off several issues at the new campus and now I finally have time to post something. & Oh, my laptop broke down and now I'm using another one of which doesn't have my stuff in it. All my files/codes/pngs/materials of which I use to design and code skins are now gone. Well actually they are still somewhere out there but then again I gotta research them all over and re-download them again eh? I kinda misplaced my thumb drives that contain those stuff too so yeah. I'm not so good with keeping my thumb drives, I have already lost them the 8953975394th time.

I just don't wanna let this blog die out just like so. I've been catching up on my studies, well at least most of it that I missed. I'm still missing a few points on this and that but I'll catch up to it soon enough (I at least hope so). I'm not use to riding the bus to class but now I gotta adapt to it, waking up extra early just to get ready so I don't miss the bus hence wont be getting late to class. Pretty stressful until now where I can actually feel like I have done everything I should of and now can take a break. So relieved!

Here's some photos! & the one you didn't recognize is actually Fahrina, she's my old schoolmate and she also helped me a lot here. :)

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