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This might be a typical blog for you, but a getaway for the author - me. Sometimes I feel the need to write, but I feel that it is easier to type away my thoughts and feelings to the virtual world. My posts are sometimes emotional and filled with deep thoughts.
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Well yea..
24 June, 2013 10:38 AM

I just don't blog anymore. Well I can say that for now. I might not know when I'll be posting in the future but for now, I don't think so.

Even so, I've been eager to make myself a new blogskin but at the end of each day with this thought, I didn't do anything. Currently using the new skin! So don't be too eager to wait for my return. I might still drop off at your blog (my dear cyber blog/blogskins friends)
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It's dead with ads and annoying crap(I just do not know which one's which), comment on this post instead or tweet me! @wickedicy
I might be posting this current blogskins of mine on blogskins.com soon tho, since I no longer use this blog as much, I might as well give the codes away. But..... I still have that alter ego of mine to not let go unless I've already made a new blogskin to replace the current one. Well we'll see. :)
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