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The reason why I haven't been here
31 January, 2013 6:57 PM

huh, what do you know, I actually think that it's funny just to say hey, or hi here, since that I practically have absolutely no idea who I'm talking to, I guess it's just customary for me to start with greetings. Even if no one reads my blog anymore, I don't really mind it, it might just be a greeting for my blog which I've been abandoning for a long long time now.

I just feel like writing again, I mean like I'm kinda bored, or more like emotionally unstable right now. I miss writing and expressing myself almost everyday of my life here. I'm either too lazy at times or just don't have much to say, I really don't like to write short posts much. I like them moderately long. Posts with too long paragraphs and such - pretty much bores people, not that all of them will read even the first paragraph of my posts but well you get the idea. Another well known reason why I don't post a lot or I can say anymore these days is that I don't have much photos to share with you guys. I've changed my image recently - well not that recent but since then I've been taking really few photos of myself or anything much at all. Since I like to write with an image at least for every post of mine, I don't anymore since I kinda ran out of photos to share with. By the time that I actually have a lot of photos to share with, I'd be too tired or not in the mood to post anything.

I don't really post that much, and well, the blog speaks for itself by that. I usually post when I am rather in an emotionally unstable condition or either too happy or excited and I wanna brag about it in a discrete way that people think I'm only sharing my experience yada yada yada. Please ppl deep inside, we all have a part that wants to brag about everything we are happy about like having a new Macbook or smth. LOL.

Well will you look at that. All this rant probably sums up just why I haven't been posting this long. I actually intended to write about something else but then this is the result I get. Ah well.

I might be posting up some old photos, well not that old, but what this blog have been missing - the details of what I've been pretty much doing these few months. & hey no photos for this post.

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