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Youtube player tutorialfor blogs
08 May, 2010 9:37 PM

Hello, here's another tutorial. You can make your youtube on autoplay and repeat. Or just wanting to show the play n pause button.
First step is to copy and paste the embed code for the video you wanna use. Here i'm using Every morning by Basshunter. one of the songs i like to hear.

Then i usually take out the embed code only, look :

now to have it on autoplay, just add &autoplay in the codes and the codes would be like this : (observe closely where i put it)

to have it on repeat, add &loop=1 in the codes like so :

to have it showing only the play button, just adjust the size (width and height) to 30 and 25 pixels respectively :

so there you go. try it here : practiceboard


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