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Mother's day
08 May, 2010 10:24 AM

it's today? tomorrow? whatever lol. new layout, actually the idea was to do something for my mom, since i'm not around her, i made a graphic for her. this layout was the background, without the boxes n youtube player. n edited with a few wishes etc. and if you have a screen resolution of under 1280x800, just a hint of what this skin suppose to look like : (click to enlarge)

and when i go back to my hometown just before i go to college, i'll buy my mom n my sisters a huge cheesecake :) for us to enjoy hahaha. i miss them a lot^^
& i freggin' know you didn't use my codes but you got the idea of the skin from my skin IDIOT. WTF with the denial? dude give it a rest will ya? FUCK.

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