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PS tut for anna
10 May, 2010 4:56 PM

this might not be a great tut, but it's kinda simple n something that anna might wanna know. :) (Used PSE 7)

1. open a file you wanna use.
2. create a new layer
3. now on the new layer, apply any brushes of the shape you wanna make the image into, and apply on the part of the image that you wanna show
4. use the magic wand tool, select the outer part of the brushes, n then invert the selection (click ctrl+shift+i)
5. now click on the base image. or the base layer, n click ctrl+x . it'll cut the image.
6. just delete the layer with the brushes on it n save in png format. and you're done :D

any probs, tag or ask about it n i might edit this tut. okay that's all :D


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